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If you're already familiar with Doc Johnson Kink collection, first, congratulations! You'll already know that all the hard(er)core offerings from this fantastic line were designed to play long and hard. If you're new to Kink, get ready to be amazed, inspired and probably tied up in the process. In sturdy silicone and rugged, nickle free metal, the All Access Silicone Hogtie Clip offers all you dominant-minded partners a tried and true means of keeping a sub right where you want them.

Fixed in a classic cross shape, four short silicone straps connect to four glossy gunmetal clamps. The clamps, in turn, connect to just about any cuff - as long as there's an O or D-ring involved, you're good to go!

Positioning your playmate in a very accommodating way, the Hogtie Clip restrains both ankles and wrists above the body in an up-facing position, or behind the body in a downward or kneeling version. Cuffs sold separately. Spot clean.

*The  All Access Silicone Hogtie Clip is about 9"/22.9cm long clip to clip 


SKU:  A21400

Doc Johnson Kink All Access Silicone Hogtie Clip

SKU: A21400
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