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The Rechargeable is here! Don't be fooled, smaller Doxy doesn't mean  smaller orgasms - you'll get just as many earth-shaking orgasms with the  Doxy Number 3R Rechargeable Aluminum Extra Powerful Massage Wand  Vibrator.  Doxy Die Cast 3 Rechargeable lets you do familiar things more quickly  and conveniently, right where you are. Places that simply were not  possible before. So using it is a whole new experience. One that's more  personal than ever. 


 At 11" long and 12.5 oz, the smaller size means that the Doxy Number 3  is lighter and easier to use, and less obtrusive when used with a  partner. The smaller head makes it easier to focus vibrations exactly  where you want them for the ultimate orgasmic Doxy experience.  The Number 3 has a removable silicone head, unscrew to clean or to use  the Number 3 attachments.  The length of the Doxy Number 3 is 11" with a 1.75" diameter at its  widest point.  


The escalating pulse function is accessed by turning the unit on by  holding down the power button for 3 seconds before releasing.  DOXY Number Three is a smaller wand with a big difference. Unlike many  traditional wands on the market, the biggest feature of the Number Three  is it’s removable head. The silicone and metal head cap can be  unscrewed and cleaned as you would other silicone & metal toys,  without any fear of harming the wand itself.  


Powerful body massager to stimulate, relax muscles and relieve aches and  pains. Brushed silver aluminium/titanium alloy body. Variable speed from approx. 3000 rpm to 9000 rpm. Variable escalating pulse setting. Removable silicone head. 3 easy to use control buttons. 



60 Minutes Full Power

90 Minutes Charge Time

6 Months Standby

Variable Speeds

Variable Pulse Mode

Travel Lock

Luxury Aluminum Storage Tube


SKU: W1300

Doxy Die Cast 3R Rechargeable Vibrating Body Wand Massager

SKU: WD1300
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