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Lightweight, squeezable and featuring some seriously sexy detail, reach for (or tell your handy partner to reach for) Blush's Hot Chocolate Nicole's Rear Stroker whenever the trusty left or right just won't cut it. This little pleasure tool is 100% travel-ready thanks to its teeny tiny size - it's perfect for solo stroking and just as perfect for enjoying with a special someone.

In a plushy smooth, squeezable material that feels as close to real as you can get, Nicole's Rear clings gently like the real deal - give it a squeeze to bring a bumpy texture even closer.  A snug little butt opening leads the way to an inner chamber that's open at the back end to let airflow through while also accommodating any size. Cover the opening around back with a finger to allow stimulating suction to build and build.

In body safe TPE, Nicole cleans easily using warm soapy water or a favorite toy care fluid/foam. Let her dry out completely before storage - if the material gets a little tacky, you can sprinkle on a little pure cornstarch powder to restore softness. Nicole's Rear Stroker is compatible with any great quality water based lube.

* The Hot Chocolate stroker is approximately 5 inches (12.7cm) in length 


SKU:  M1700

Hot Chocolate Nicole's Rear Stroker

SKU: M1700
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