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Specifically created to enhance anal play as well as the overall sexual experience, Jo's thicker Anal H2O Warming adds an incredible, silicone-like slickness and a deliciously warming sensation to sex, foreplay and self-love, with or without toys involved.

This intensely lubricating, ultra-gentle formula contains pure high quality vegetable based glyceride, which is non-irritating unlike the animal based version of the same, and it won't upset the delicate pH balance of the body. A hint of stimulating peppermint provides the warming sensation, which occurs naturally, you'll feel it immediately with no need to rub or blow, like some other warming products.

The fact that H20 is water based is precisely what makes it so versatile, this fantastically long-lasting lube is perfectly compatible with all toy materials including silicone and all varieties of rubber, it's also condom safe and great for skin-to-skin contact. Clean up is easy and mess-free, as Anal H20 Warming won't stain or discolor clothing, sheets and other fabrics, plus, it washes off skin and toys with plain water. 



Size: 4 oz

Flavor: Unflavored

Special Features: Anal Lube, Unscented, Warming


SKU: JO400


JO H2O Anal Personal Lube 4oz in Warming

SKU: JO400
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