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We've got a classic (well, our version of classic!) philosophical question for you - if a butt plug glows in the forest and no one's around, does it still glow? We're pretty sure the answer is yes, but you might have better luck confirming whether or not the Firefly Ace glows in your or your partners butt. Hint: yes.

This slick plug in glowing clear glass inserts with a sexy-stretching 'pop', then tapers dramatically toward the bottom. Once fully inserted, a process that should take exactly as long as needed to ensure comfort, the thinner neck at the base holds the shaft in place- it can be left inside during other bedroom shenanigans. Playful and non-intimidating, the Firefly Ace is perfect for butt play fans with just a little experience under their belts.

In extra skin safe and reliably firm pyrex glass, the Firefly Ace is nice and stable, both in hand and in your/their butt. If you're a fan of temperature play, this plug can be soaked in warm or cool water beforehand for a hit of heat or a tingly chill.

Compatible with both water and silicone based lubricants, the Firefly Ace cleans up quick and easy using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. If you'd like, you could even boil or bleach it for more thorough sterilization. Store carefully to avoid any chips or cracks. 



Length: 3.6"

Insertable Length: 3.4"

Girth: 3.8" at largest point

Width: 1.1" at largest point

Color: Clear


SKU: AL10500

NS Novelties Firefly Glow in the Dark Ace Glass Plug

SKU: AL10500
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