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  • 3 LR44 Batteries Included


A beginner friendly cock ring featuring a tickly tongue stimulator and lots of vibration, the Fantasy  C-Ringz Silicone Super Ring comfortably enhances erection strength, helps improve  stamina, and most importantly, increases pleasure.Holding snug  over the base (or base and balls), the Silicone Super's gentle  constricting effect helps maintain erection firmness. A full sized  single speed bullet under the soft silicone tongue up top naturally  positions itself in the path of a mate's clitoris or perineum. Switch up  sensation by flipping it to buzz agasint the wearer's sweet spots.


In super smooth silicone, the Super Ring won't pull body hair, plus, this material  is extremely body safe and completely hypoallergenic. Clean-up is easy  and quick using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. If a  lube's in play, always choose great quality water based formula,  silicone lubes should be avoided. Vibe requires 3 LR44 cell batteries (included).


*The Silicone Super Ring stretches from approximately 1.25" 3.2cm) in diameter. 


SKU: A16600

Pipedream Vibrating Silicone Super Ring in Black

SKU: A16600
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