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A fantastically versatile trio of erection rings from Screaming O's  pleasure-centric collection of enhancement tools, the RingOx3 offers  three plush, stretchy rings, each with a size and tension intensity all  its own.  The largest ( 1 3/4" un-stretched) is intended for cock  and ball constriction, fitting snugly around both the base of penis and  the testicles. A more advanced level of constriction becomes possible  with this type of ring, and many men swear by c&b rings as a way to  delay ejaculation. The RingO version is comfortably stretchy, like the  rest, yet maintains a snug, sure fit to  in turn, keep the erection in  question strong. The mid-sized ring (1.9" un-stretched) )is also the  thickest, providing an extra cushioned feel with impressive  constriction, with the smallest boasting another 1.9 inches and a  thinner overall shape.


Made from a hygienic, body safe SEBS silicone material, the RingO's are  extremely easy to clean and maintain- they offer a wonderful choice for  pleasure seekers with sensitive skin, as silicone won't irritate  delicate body tissues, and tends to be hypoallergenic. Use a great water  based lubricant in combination with your ring of choice- silicone formulas  should  be avoided. 


SKU: A17000



RingO X3 Super Stretchy Erection Rings in Black

SKU: A17000
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