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A complete classic designed to last, Screaming O's RingO can be worn  wherever it'll do the most good- slip the snug loop around the shaft, base and balls, or try it out as a scrotum ring.  Helping to  maintain erection while keeping over-stimulation to a minimum, the RingO  slides on and off in a snap. Smaller in size and intense in hold, it's  suited to more experienced cock ring users.  In Screaming O's  signature SEBS silicone material, the RingO pro cleans easily and thoroughly using simple soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam.  Compatible with any favorite water based lubricant- avoid contact with  silicone lubes and products.


* The RingO stretches from approximately .75" (1.9cm). 


SKU: A16300

The Screaming RingO in Black

SKU: A16300
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