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Truth: there's no better feeling than affirming your real self, whether you're between the sheets or going about your day. Always ready to lending a helping hand in that department, WhipSmart's 4 Inch Discreet Packer provides some subtle fullness under your/their clothing - or undies.

In super-soft and squeezable body safe elastomer, the 4 Inch is extra flexible, fitting perfectly into any favorite packer-friendly underwear. The base is equally soft and contoured for a comfy fit all day long, plus, the temperature receptive material warms naturally to your body heat.  

Before and after wear, wash your Packer with some warm soapy water or a favorite compatible toy care fluid/foam. Hang it in the included lightweight mesh storage bag for quicker drying

* The 4 Inch Discreet Packer is about 4"/10.2cm long (it stretches) in total. Shaft measures about 3.25"/8.3cm long and 1.5"/3.8cm) in diameter.


SKU: A27600

Whipsmart 4 Inch Discreet Packer in Flesh

SKU: A27600
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