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Man, do we love vibration! It makes almost everything  (well, everything in the sex toy world, at least!) so much more fun.  Lucky for us and all of our penis-owning friends, good ol' vibration is  being put to use in some very pleasurable, stroke-ready ways these days.  On that note, please meet the Shell Shock Vibrating Stroker from Zero  Tolerance.


Now, first things first. The Shell Shock wasn't  necessarily designed to replace your/your playmate's hand (as if  anything could!), but rather, to put a totally unique masturbation or  foreplay option into your/their hand. Contoured for a comfortable  and secure grip, Shell Shock consists of a soft, textured interior  sleeve tucked neatly into a firm case.  


You'll have some amazing  options when it comes to enjoying your Shell Shock. You can, of course,  simply hold it in you hand and thrust into it. Classic. You could also  switch on seven powerful, deeply throbbing modes of vibration and enjoy  the all-encompassing sensation. Vibration comes courtesy of a powerful  (removeable) bullet placed inside toward the bottom of Shell Shock's  casing. Hit the button at the base to activate and vary vibration.


Shell Shock Piper is conveniently rechargeable via USB, so it'll always be ready when you are. Cord included.


In  low maintenance TPR plus ABS plastic, Shell Shock is easy to clean  before and after playtime using lots of  warm soapy water or a good toy  care fluid/foam. Any favorite water-based lube will be compatible with  the Shell Shock, and we recommend using lots! Waterproof.


* The Shell Shock stroker is about 10"/25.4cm in total length, about 5"/12.7cm penetrable, and approximately 2.75"/7cm wide.                      


Orifice: Vagina

Length: 10"

Special Features: Closed End, Realistic, Vibrates


SKU: M11700

Zero Tolerance Shell Shock Vibration Stroker

SKU: M11700
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